Welcome to art ninetwo!


Welcome to art ninetwo!

Helena and Damian have been working artists for over twenty years.

This website is a joint endeavour to showcase their work.  They have already collaborated at a number of conventions and there are more to come, so it made sense to have a joint website to display and sell their work and offer the opportunity to take on commissions.

We do not have a commerce section on the website, however, we do have a shop page with listings. If you click on an image the details and price will be displayed - if you’re viewing on a mobile device you will need to click on the small white dot on the bottom right hand side of the image. If you would like to purchase something or you’d like a quote for a commission (check out the Commissions page) then please do get in touch via: artninetwo@gmail.com

You can also contact us at any time if you have any questions.