Welcome to the home page of Helena - artist and illustrator

As you might imagine - artists websites are not all about commerce - they’re about showcasing what the artist can do, with some commerce thrown in. Helena produces work for exhibitions and commissions as well as drawing for pleasure. Scroll through the carousels to see Helena’s art.

The first selection of images contain charcoal portraits along with some animals and scenery. The portraits were all produced for an exhibition in 2018 that can be seen on our ‘Exhibition’ page on this website. Also included is a selection of animals (cats and dogs). The majority of these have been commissioned, either for the owners or as gifts for Birthdays. If you’re interested in a commission then please visit our ‘Commissions’ page on the website. Finally a selection of zombies - produced mainly for the Walker Stalker event that we attended earlier ion 2019; please see our ‘Attended Events’ page for more information. Included are two variant covers that can be purchased and a few of the zombies are available as A5 greetings cards (they come with an envelope) or they can be purchased as images to frame up - they fit perfectly in an A5 frame. Please see our ‘Shop’ page for more information.

Use the forward and back arrow to scroll through a selection of charcoal drawings:

Use the forward and back arrows to scroll through a selection of pencil animals:

Use the forward and back arrows to scroll through the selection of ink and pencil zombies including some variant covers.