Attended Events

ICE Birmingham - Sep 18

Manchester Comics and Reading Festival - Aug 18

Shrewsbury Comics Salopia - June 1st - 2nd

So this was a convention that we were undecided whether to go or not for various reasons we won’t go in to, however, if we were going solely on the basis of making money we would have been bitterly disappointed - but then, for us, it’s not all about making money anyway.

Our location sounded exciting - the Dana Jail! and actually, the location was indeed a sight to behold. It only closed in 2013 and from the various signs inside it looks to still be used for filming purposes. Inside it’s in a bit of a state as you might imagine but they do paid guided tours of the prison.

Alas the day did conspire against us slightly. Thankfully we were with great company; John Wagner, Bryan and Mary Talbot and Greg staples to name but a few of the guests so the people that found us were specifically coming to see them, or they were on a prison tour. The guests and other vendors in the prison were great, we made some super contacts and friends and had a fantastic laugh.

The next day we were moved to the castle grounds, yes it was windy, yes it rained a bit but it was lovely and once again, we made even more friends! Shrewsbury is a beautiful town and we would happily visit again for a good look around as we had to just snatch little bits of time in the town where we could, check out some of the pics below:

Lawless - Celebration of British Comics (tribute to Carlos Ezquerra) - May 18th 2019 - Double Tree Hilton - Bristol

The Lawgiver* convention - all things Judge Dredd - was something that we had wanted to attend for a while merely as visitors, because it looked like a great day; small affair, with great comic artists and writer guests but it was something we had never quite got around to doing, but this year, with the business we thought it would make sense to attend as vendors AND of course we get to have a good old mooch around.

What can we say, what a fabulous event! The organisation was great, thanks to Su and everybody else involved who did a superb job. The venue was superb, the guests were welcoming and for us it was great to catch up with friends that we often only get to see from one convention to the next as we’re all based across the country and of course we’re busy people!

Most importantly however - as is always the case with conventions were the visitors, what a splendid crowd. We spoke to so many people, all of whom were friendly and happy to chat about all things Dredd and of course art - as you know, we can chat about art all day long given the opportunity! For us chatting with people and making people feel comfortable to ask about our work and ask for commissions is really important. If we can make visitors smile and laugh and of course, purchase our work then we’ve achieved what we set out to do. In addition to this we were selling a poster that Damian painted as a tribute to Carlos Ezquerra who sadly passed away in 2018, all proceeds for this is going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Once all monies are in we will be donating it and uploading the receipt. Check out some of our pics of the day.

*The event used to be called Lawgiver, however, they were asked to not use this name due to copyright reasons and it is now called Lawless.

Oldham Comic Convention - May 11th 2019 - Queen Elizabeth Hall

This was the third Oldham Comic Con and our first. Our attendance came about quite by chance when Dennis (the organiser of this convention) was invited to attend our Manchester exhibition in July 2018, and from that initial meeting of him and his lovely family we ended up tabling at the Manchester Comics and Reading Festival - thanks to an invite from Dennis (a mini convention that we cut our convention teeth on) a few more have happened in between and then this on Saturday.

This event is free….yes totally free! and what a great event. The staff at the venue were lovely, the volunteers couldn’t do enough for you and it was so well organised. It was so lovely to meet up with old friends (that we see from convention to convention) and make lost of new ones too (comic artists and writers are such a friendly bunch).

What struck us the most though were the visitors. What a great bunch of people. Lots of families came by, their kids all dressed up as their favourite super hero, chatting to you as you signed their treasure hunt card. Kids asking if they could show you the comics they’d drawn and written and chatting to you about art in general, with us giving them encouragement in abundance to carry on being creative and to stick with it! The adults were immense fun too - cosplaying (like the fabulous Ghostbusters gent in the picture below) and engaging us with great chit-chat about comics, characters, art and life in general - it was just such a fun day in every aspect and much much respect to Dennis, his family and all his team at Comic Den! Roll on 2020 OCC 4!!

Walker Stalker Convention - March 30th - 31st - 2019 - Excel Convention Centre

Having attended our first Walker stalker convention last year and thoroughly enjoying it, we decided soon after that in 2019 we would attend as vendors and duly booked a table and started getting stock together.

The event itself was again fabulous. It was a different experience as tablers rather than attendees (as you might expect) but we met so many amazing people and got some wonderful compliments from people who came to our table. We had superb ‘booth neighbours’ and made some great friends - on top of that we also took away with us some new ideas for our next convention so expect some exciting new stuff happening at our table next time!

We sold lots of stuff to wonderful people but we did have some stock left over so please visit our shop page to see what we have on offer - we didn’t put this stock on the website initially as we wanted it to be new and exciting for Walker Stalker but now we’re ready to release it to the general public. Once again if you don’t find anything you were expecting just get in touch! Here’s a selection of pictures from the weekend - note that in addition to TWD actors they also combined it with GoT and American Horror Story.

The Walking Dead: Art Apocalypse exhibition - London - Brick Lane 7th Feb 2019

So, Damian entered a Fox Walking Dead competition that launched in October 2018 and he only went and got selected along with only 19 other finalists! We got invited down to London for the private viewing on Brick Lane and it was too good an opportunity not to attend. Unfortunately he didn't win but just to be selected was an honour in itself. Check out the pics of the private view below that included champagne and an amazing immersive section that was immense fun - plus we got a short break in London which is always great!

Wigan Makers Market - December 2018

Very soon after Helena’s acceptance into the Wigan Open Exhibition came the Wigan Makers Market in The Old Courts - a beautiful building with so much history, what a fabulous place to hold Wigan’s first Makers Market where like minded creatives come together to sell their wares. It was immense fun and very festive, we got to meet lots of people and see some beautiful ‘me made’ products. We’re hoping this was not the last Makers market in Wigan and with the number of people that came by we suspect it might not be.

Wigan Open Exhibition

Helena was honoured to submit three pieces to the Wigan Open Exhibition and have all three accepted, to say she was shocked would be an understatement. The exhibition took place in The Old Courts, a beautiful building in the centre of Wigan that holds all kind of events including concerts, plays and exhibitions. Helena had to drop her pieces off the week before the opening and then we attended the open evening which was spectacularly well attended. From this Helena was contacted by a local journalist who wanted to do a piece on her and her work for the local paper and the resultant piece can be seen in the gallery. The piece ‘The Face of Wigan’ is available as an A5 greetings card and was for sale in the Makers Market along with a greetings card of ‘The Wiend’ a popular historical alleyway in Wigan town centre.

International Comics Expo (ICE) Birmingham - September 2018

After the superb time we had at Manchester Comics and Reading Festival, art ninetwo decided to attend ICE in Birmingham, and even we’ve been two years on the trot as visitors and shoppers, this year it was different, we were vendors! We had the most amazing time, we met up with old friends, we made a load more new friends, and the visitors were delightful, it’s amazing who you catch up with when people come up and say “I follow you on Instagram” and you can put a face to a name. We sold some work, we got some commissions but more importantly we met like-minded people who made the day so enjoyable. Thank you to Shane who organises this every year and does a Sterling job. It is such a great event we hope he continues to organise it every year. ICE Brighton takes place later in the year but alas we won’t be attending.

 Manchester Comics and Reading Festival - August 2018

artninetwo attended the very first Manchester Comics and Reading Festival in Manchester Central Library on Saturday 18th August.  What a beautiful building to hold such an event in with such history and character.  The sun shone, the families came out and there were some fantastic cosplay outfits on show.  We had a great time catching up with some of the other vendors and chatting with customers who were all wonderful! Thank you to Manchester Central Library for hosting us, the staff were wonderful and could not do enough for us, thanks to Dennis for organising it, what a sterling job he did too!  If it happens again next year - count us in!

Damian awaiting customers

Damian awaiting customers

Helena watching visitors filing in

Helena watching visitors filing in

Damian and Dan and customer in deep conversation

Damian and Dan and customer in deep conversation

Waiting on visitors

Waiting on visitors

Loving our little stall

Loving our little stall

Us two